Clear-View Grinder VisiGrind™ K-SM180
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The clear-view VisiGrind K-SM 180 is a universal table top sharpener and bench grinder for many uses.

VisiGrind K-SM180

The VisiGrind K-SM 180 sharpener and grinder is equipped with a patented, diamond coated, thin-blade wheel. You can grind all type of materials and sharpen tools, sharpen knifes, sharpen tuning tools, sharpen cutting edges and more. Modern material technology supports the patented wheel design in providing durable, lasting diamond coated wheels. Diamond coating is provided on all sides at the wheel grinding area. The grinding wheel is perforated with holes which let you see the grinding or sharpening action as it progresses. In addition the holes aid the airflow and provide cooling for the process, helping you to avoid the softening (annealing) by heating up cutting edges while sharpening. 

The VisiGrind clear view grinding and sharpening results depend on the user's skills. You can see the work progressing which helps you to learn fast, or aids you in perfecting and fine-tuning your skills.

Used as tool sharpener for all material grades: HSS Steel, Cobolt Steels, Solid Carbide Materials, and more. You can sharpen a multitude of tools: woodworking tools, turning and milling tool tips, saw blades, cutting knifes, re-grind chisels, scissors, planar blades, marking needles, drill point grinding, blade type drill sharpining, twist drills sharpening and much more. 

Used as a grinder you can grind metals, stone and even glass.

A universal sharpening and grinding tool with thousands of uses.

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Clear View Tool Sharpener and Universal Grinder

Clear-View VisiGrind™ K-SM180, tool sharpener and universal grinderClear-View VisiGrind™ K-SM180, tool sharpener and universal grinderUniversal all purpose sharpener and bench grinder with clear-view grinding wheel. VisiGrind™ K-SM180 has mounting holes for secure mounting to your table or bench. Perfect for all types of tool sharpening, blade and knife sharpening, for all material grades, even carbide materials. Patented perforated diamond coated grinding wheel is long lasting, and transparent to the eye while running. The wheel's cooling action eliminates the need for additional cooling.
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