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Clear-View VisiGrind™ K-SM180, tool sharpener and universal grinder

Clear-View VisiGrind™ K-SM180, tool sharpener and universal grinder
VisiGrind K-SM 180 OverviewClear View Tool SharpeningMagnifying Lens With Shade Free LightSharpening All Types Of Tools, PliersSharpening Twist DrillsSharpen Your Wook Working Tools With a Clear-ViewVisiGrind View When Sharpening Chisel Edges
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Universal Bench or Table Top Sharpener / Grinder.

All purpose grinder for clear-view grinding and tool sharpening with a multi-fold of uses, for all needs, and for all industries.
As a tool sharpener it sharpens all types of tools in all material grades. The patented perforated grinding wheel is transparent to the eye while running. In addition, the perforated holes aid the airflow and provide a cooling action. Equipped with a high quality magnifying lens and a low energy, shade free light you are in perfect control. The vacuum port lets you connect your own vacuum cleaner, or other industrial type units, to create a clean work area.
Included is one large diamond coated wheel, long lasting and durable. You can use it on both sides, to double the tool life.
Spindle Speed 1400 rpm
Motor Power 0.18 kW / 0.24 Hp
Power Supply Single Phase, AC 120V, 60cycle
Noise Level Under 70dB
Grinding Wheel Diameter 180mm / 7 Inch
Grinding Wheel Standard Grid D126 (US mesh 120/140) included. (Medium (D76) and Fine (D46) Wheel as option.)
Grinding Material Diamond
Perforated Thin Blade Wheel Dual Sided Use, Cutting with side.
Net Weight 9 kg / 19.8 lbs.
Machine Dimensions: (approximately) H x W x L (400x260x260mm) or 16"x10" x10"
Standard Accesories Power Cord, Magnifying Light, Standard Diamond Coated Grinding Wheel, Operating Instructions.
Features Benefits
Compact and Rigid, Industrial Design Long lifetime protects your investment while providing high quality grinding results for years.
High Quality Magnifying Lens With Shade Free Light Low Energy Consumption while maginigying the grinding work without shades. You have a perfect view.
Diamond Coated Thin Grinding Wheel Diamonds are the hardest material in the universe. You can grind all materials without changing the wheel.
Large Wheel Size, Perforated with Holes Provides you with a clear view to the grinding action while having an excellent wheel life.
Diamond Coating on all sides in the grinding area You can flip the wheel over, extending its tool life further.
Clear View Action It aids you to perfect your skills. You see as you grind.
Energy Efficient Quick start, high torque motor. Fluorescent energy efficient light. You help to save the planet.
Attractive Price for Universal Grinding and Sharpening One grinder for all uses. Sharpening and Grinding of all materials and all kinds of tools. The many uses provide a quick pay back
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