End Mill Sharpener Series
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End Mill Grinder and Tip Sharpener

SharperDrillsEnd mill Sharpener Series to sharpen two-flute end mills, three-flute end mills, and four-flute end mills, as well as flat bottom drills.

SharperDrills™ end mill sharpener series is for endmill nose sharpening up to 16mm or 5/8" size.  As easy to us as the standard SharperDrills™ drill bit sharpeners, these end mill sharpeners offer outstanding reliability, durability and precision combined with ease of use. Designed for two-flute, three-flute, and four-flute end mill nose sharpening, they are also a perfect tool for sharpening flat bottom drills. The sharpener feature precision tool collets clamping, for achieving well-balanced cutting lip/face geometries with high tool tip concentricity for smooth running milling cuts.

SharperDrills™ EGS06 -  A great addition to everyone’s workshop with low cost end mill nose sharpening. Also for sharpening flat bottom drill bits. 

Application Examples:

A.) If you use end mills for angular drilling, plunge feed milling, or similar type operations, where the tip/nose wears out first, this grinder is a must. Everyone can sharpen end mills and extend the useful endmill life multifold.

B.) For low depth milling cuts, especially in combination with our cut off grinder SDC-1.3, most often, end mills can simply be shortened and then re-ground with a new tip, to a like new condition, and cutting to size again.

C.) For sharpening flat bottom drills with up to 4 flutes.

D.) When used in combination with a flute sharpening grinder, the EGS06 simplifies, streamlines and speeds up the sharpening process tremendously. It eliminates flute grinder set-up modifications while improving the process safety.  The best - it eliminates grinding errors with its simple use features.




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SharperDrills™ EGS-06 End Mill SharpenerSharperDrills™ EGS-06 End Mill SharpenerEnd Mill Sharpener for 3mm to 13mm (3/32 inch to 1/2 inch) tool diameter. End Mill Tip Angle Setting from 0 deg. to about12+ deg, Industrial Grade Sharpener in solid, rigid all metal construction.
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