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SharperDrills™ DGS-11 Precision Grinder

SharperDrills™ DGS-11 Precision Grinder
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If you want the sharper point for the job, but don't want to become a tool and cutter grinding expert, the SharperDrills DGS-11 is for you. It sharpens a wide variety of sizes and styles of drills and other tools with ease and accuracy. Imagine, for the price of a few hundred drills, you can sharpen in house for only pennies a drill. Using our patented design with precision collets for best drill alignment, you can be a sharpening expert with a few minutes of instruction. The SharperDrills GS-11 is a heavy duty rock solid, tool grinder, capable of sharpening all day, everyday with minimal cleaning and maintenance. The hand-carrying design with an invisible toolbox for the collets, helps you to keep you workspace organized.

Drill Diameter Size Range: 2-13mm or Drill Size #47, 0.08" to 1/2"
Point Types: Standard and Split Point via X-Thinning
Drill Point Angle: 90 to 140 deg. adjustable.
Drill diameter 2mm to 13mm or (#47 size) 0.08inch to 0.5 inch
Point Angle 90 to 140 degree
Power Supply Single Phase 120V , 50/60 cycle
Motor speed 5300 RPM
Grinding Wheel (standard) CBN #200
Type of Web Thinning, Split Point X-Thinning
Net Weight 7 kg / 15.4 lbs.
Machine Dimension (approximately) : (length x width x heigth) 11 x 5.1/4 x 6 1/8 inch
Standard Accesories Collet Holder, Allen Wrench, size 4mm, Collets 12each
Features Benefits
Compact and Rigid, All Metal Design Long lifetime protects your investment while providing high quality grinding results for years.
Collet Drill Clamping System Better, true running drills produce round holes, exact in size, while increasing tool life.
X-Thinning Less drill pressure to start hole, and lowers HP for drilling. Increases tool life and mostly shortens drilling cycle.
Adjustable Point Angle Applicable to wide range of drills incl. spot drills for various materials. Optional diamont plated wheels for sharpening solid carbide drills.
Carrying Handle and Invisible Toolbox Transportable, easy to set up. Quickly to set up and very easy to use with everything at hand.
Total Weight of about 14lbs. Secure setting, extremely user friendly.
Energy Efficient Quick start, high torque motor rated to run up to one hour continious. Run only when sharpening to safe the planet.
Attractive Price Quick Payback by extending the overall tool life and eliminating time and money for trips to the store.
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