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SharperDrills™ offers you drill sharpener, tool and cutter grinder, service, and support. Besides drill sharpening solutions, we offer drill point grinder, tool and cutter grinder and related products. Most our products have very specific benefits and features you may not find elsewhere. Like our universal grinder/tool sharpener model, VisiGrind K-SM180. A universal grinding and sharpening tool, for the skill oriented craftsmann or hobbyist who wants to deliver exceptional results with versatile and flexibile machines. A tool for everyone with thousands of uses, cutting, grinding, sharpening. The patented see through grinding wheel lets you see what you are doing so it is easy for you to improve your skill level.

Check out our end mill grinder for sharpening endmills. As easy to use as our drill sharpener you gain the cost saving benefits of re-sharpened quality end mills.

Our combo grinder expand the range of drill sharpening for you and give you the capability to re-sharpen drills with high performance drill points, like the Nachi type drill points, and more.

SharperDrills™ professional drill sharpener bring back the sharp point to your drills. Durable drill bit sharpener built for precision, and operation with ease. Our drill grinder get you professional re-sharpened drill bits quickly, without the need to master as a tool and cutter grinding expert. The conventional grinder in all metal design is easily carried and quickly set up. From start to perfectly finished sharp tools in minutes.

Because of popular request, we are constandly expanding our drill sharpener models offered. If you don't find the tool grinder, tool sharpener, or drill sharpener you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Safe Our Planet - Reduce Waste:

Re-sharpen your drill bits and tools with SharperDrills™.

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"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."

Quote: Albert Einstein (1879–1955)

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